Power of Attorney & Court Protection

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Over 700,000 people in the UK are suffering from some type of dementia.

This can be an extremely difficult and distressing time for the individuals in question and their family. Under a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) you can appoint who you want to take over the management of your affairs when you are no longer able, or willing to do so.

Your Attorneys can be members of your family or friends; however, if you do not have a suitable family member or friend to act in this capacity, you can appoint the Partners of Barnes Marsland to ensure your best interests are served.

The LPA has become increasingly popular over recent years. Contact Jacqui Miles at the Broadstairs Office for expert advice and a review of the options available to you.  


Dementia and the Court of Protection

Dementia and mental impairment effects a huge number of elderly people and there are important legal considerations in these cases.

If a friend of relative has not already appointed an Attorney and they now lack the mental capacity to do so, an Application can be made to the Court of Protection.  Once the Application has been approved by the Court, it can appoint a Deputy to manage the financial affairs of the individual.

Barnes Marsland advise on applications to the Court of Protection so that a trusted third party can deal with the ongoing management of that person’s property and affairs.