​Have you or your business been affected by the effects of coronavirus? Are you sure that you are meeting all of your obligations and making the right payments? Are you confident in dealing with the issues surrounding furlough, including holiday pay and holiday entitlement? What about when you return, can you comply with any ongoing social distancing rules, will you need to have a phased return to work for your employees? Will you need to keep some laid off or have them working shorter hours until things are back to normal and have to change their contractual terms? Will you need to make anyone redundant? Don’t forget that if you are making 20 or more people redundant within 90 days or less of each other, if you fail to undertake a collective redundancy consultation you are likely to be faced with protective awards for each affected employee of 90 days actual pay per employee. You could also face criminal charges if you fail to notify the Secretary of State.

With so many employment related issues surrounding the current pandemic, it’s very easy to feel confused and loose sight of what you are required to do. Barnes Marsland can help guide you through all the current employment issues by giving you clear, practical advice to help you manage the current situation so that your business can carry on as normal as soon as possible.

If you would like to discuss ways in which we can help, please contact our Employment ​Department by email at ​ or by telephone on 01843 861595.

Are you an employee who has been effected by Coronavirus in relation to your work? If so, please click here